Angels In the Outfield

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Angels in the Outfield involves 11-year-old foster child, Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who prays to become part of a family. However, in order for his father to come back and claim Roger, the "Angels must win the pennant." Roger takes the dry remark from his father seriously, and prays for the Angels' losing streak to morph into a winning streak instead. Thus, God steps in and brings down angels to help The Angels win their way to the top.

The cast performs quite well considering I got choked up a couple of times during the movie. When The Angels finally work their way up to the final game of the season, I became
so engrossed in the game, I was cheering for The Angels myself.

The special effects are not spectacular, but the cool background tunes will make the overall effect pretty believable. I especially loved the climax of the film when the pitcher of The Angels (Tony Danza) pitches his last ball in order for The Angels to win the game. Whether you are a fan of baseball, comedies, or family films, this hit is definitely a home run.

--Sky Critique

Angels in the Outfield

Rated: PG

Buena Vista Pictures, Disney Pictures


Danny Glover .... George Knox
Brenda Fricker .... Maggie Nelson
Tony Danza .... Mel Clark
Christopher Lloyd .... Al the Angel
Ben Johnson .... Hank Murphy
Jay O. Sanders .... Ranch Wilder
Joseph Gordon-Levitt .... Roger
Milton Davis Jr. .... J. P
Taylor Negron .... David Montagne
Tony Longo .... Triscuitt Messmer
Neal McDonough .... Whitt Bass
Stoney Jackson .... Ray Mitchell
Adrien Brody .... Danny Hemmerling
Tim Conlon .... Wally
Matthew McConaughey .... Ben Williams

Directed By:
William Dear

Written By:
Dorothy Kingsley
Holly Goldberg
Sloan George Wells

Produced By:
Roger Birnbaum, Richard H. Prince, Joe Roth, Holly Goldberg Sloan, Irby Smith and Gary Stutman

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